Modelling tubes

Recommended tubes for modelling

Viton® Tubing
Working Temperature from -35° to +200°C allows Viton®-Tubing to operate in applications, which are not possible for other soft tubing. Flame rugged and +260°C for short term.
Tygon® F-4040-A
Specifically designed to handle most fuels and industrial lubricants, Tygon® Fuel and Lubricant Tubing resists the swelling and hardening caused by hydrocarbon-based fluids. This significantly ...
Tygon® LP-1100
Innovative Tygon® low permeation fuel tubing is designed to meet the EPA and CARB evaporation emission standards of 15mg/m2/day. Tygon® LP-1100 Tubing has superior resistance to fuels and ...
Tygon® LP-1200
Tygon® LP-1200 is low permeation fuel tubing specially designed to meet new EPA and CARB evaporative emission standards of 15g/m2/day. The patent-pending design and robust multi-layer construction ...