Dentistry - scaler tubing

Scaler – hand dental instrument (Symmetry IQ 4000 / Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company)

In prophylactic dentistry, a scaler is primarily used to remove tartar. A PharMed® Peristaltik Tubing inner Ø 1.75 mm x outer Ø 3.43 mm is installed to convey tap water. The delivery rate is set via the speed of the pump.  

Case example

A dental, oral and maxillofacial doctor's office contacted us with the problem that the scaler was still working properly, but that the device manufacturer could no longer deliver an original replacement hose. The customer kindly sent us the used hose for measurement. It should be noted that the dimensions change due to wear and tear during peristaltic operation. We have sent various samples for tests, as the delivery volume of the pump depends on the exact hose dimensions. We were able to determine the suitable replacement product and the scaler can continue to be operated with the usual performance.

Our service

We would be happy to assist you in determining the replacement hose you need. Please contact us and just send us your sample and a brief description of the device you are using. Please note that this is not an original spare part. The information is based on experience reports from our customers. However, the information can only represent guide values. OPTUBUS is not liable for incidental or consequential damage that may result from the use of this product. It is therefore the responsibility of the user to thoroughly test the product in its respective application in order to determine its performance, approval, effectiveness, suitability and safety.
Requirements for peristaltic tubing
  • elastic
  • good resilience
  • good fatigue strength
  • abrasion resistant
  • Approvals for pharmaceuticals, medicine, food
  • Chemical resistance
  • Long service life in peristaltic pumps
  • low gas permeability

Peristaltic pump with tubing replacement
Symmetry IQ 4000
Symmetry IQ 4000 / Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company