Special Manufacturing - Tubing, Fittings, Design

You didn't find the demanded part in our standard product range? - OPTUBUS GmbH provides solutions all around Liquid-Handling and Fluid Transfer Components

Custom made tubing

Special inner- or outer-diameter, ready-made tubing cuts or special length, extra tolerances, even special made material mixtures - speak with us about the optimal Tubing made for your application even lower demand.

Custom made fitting

Aside from our constantly growing product range of fittings and tubing connectors, we also provide you with the wide range of the whole market. If the perfect fitting for your application doesn't exist, we simply design and develop it for you.


Turned and milled parts made of PEEK, POM, PTFE, PVDF,...anything your production or your usual supplier doesn't usually work with, we produce for you, precise and cost-efficient relying on our longtime experience.

Design and development

For optimal solution, involve us early in your development process. Safe time learning new matter in a field you might only need once. We have longtime experience in designing and developing beginning with simple tubing lines, special fittings up to pump- and valve-systems.